Hot Mess Series

Lifestyle tips to be less of a hot mess mama!

Rock Your To-do List

How to be Less of a Hot Mess and Rock Your To-do List

Why rock your to-do list?  So that you can avoid being a hot mess all day long.  I'm lost without my list.  Blogging and running my household is a lot of work, so if it's not written down, it doesn't get done.  Without a list, I feel like I'm running in circles with a...
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Rock Your Savings

How to be Less of a Hot Mess and Rock Your Savings

How do you contribute to your household?  I'm guessing you can think up a million and one ways right now.  You cook, clean, take care of the kids in every way imaginable, and you may even run an at home business or blog... but you can do more! In this hot mess series...
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How to be Less of a Hot Mess and Rock Your Health

Let's rock our health, shall we?  (If you've not yet read the first two installments of the Hot Mess series, I encourage you to read those first.  You'll get the most out of these posts if you follow them one by one.) If you wake up feeling tired, depressed, run down;...
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38 Conquer Your Clutter Resources to be Less of a Hot Mess

Are you tired of wasting precious time shuffling papers and looking for your missing shoe, or your vanishing purse? You dream of short-cuts to make your life more organized, but is it possible?  It is with this latest installment of the Hot Mess Series, 38 Conquer...
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5 Confessions of a Disorganized WAHM

  This is where I come clean.  Working from home, as you well know, is no walk in the park.  Some may look at you and think, "She has it all together," but we know the truth.  It takes some Evel Knievel time management tricks and Wonder Woman stamina, but we do it. ...
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Blogging Tips

Blogging tips for new bloggers…

Are you Failing

Are You Failing at Running Your Business?

(Guest post by: Alyse Stehl) Are you failing?         If you have a business then you have no doubt heard many sayings about how the more you fail the closer you are to success.  Maybe your blog never took off like you expected it too, or your affiliate links just...
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Leave a Legacy

How to Leave a Legacy You Can be Proud Of

(Post by Alyse Stehl) The day was ending innocently enough, we just finished dinner and I opened the door for the kids to play in the backyard with my husband while I cleaned the kitchen. The baby was napping and the weather was beautiful. I just kept smiling and...
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Habits of Successful Mom Bloggers

The 5 Most Important Habits of Successful Mom Bloggers

You're a mom blogger  Congratulations!  Now you get to add a full-time WAHM gig to your already demanding job as mommy. But it can be done and done with grace.  And you can be successful at it too! It's taken me a couple of years to get my rhythm and routine and...
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How to Easily SEO Your Posts

How to Easily SEO Your Posts– For Beginners

Search engine optimization.  The mere mention of SEO sends many a new blogger into a sweat!  But it doesn't have to be so daunting.  You CAN easily SEO your posts! If you've started researching how to effectively use SEO at all, and if you're like me, then you've...
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Bluehost and Site Ground Comparison

Battle of the Best– Bluehost and SiteGround Comparison

Have you seen the hosting wars going on in Facebook groups?  "Bluehost is the the best!"  "No, SiteGround is the best!"  And on it goes with everyone throwing in their affiliate links to further confuse the situation.   The fact of the matter is that you need...
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Start a Blog

The easiest way to start your blog…

How to Start a Blog the Easy Way

So you want to start a blog.  Congratulations!  But where do you begin?  This is where I come in.  In this post, I will detail the absolute easiest way to start your blog and get up and running in minutes.  Really!  Even if you are not "techy", even if you don't know...
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Hi!  I’m Darci Lopez, founder of Life Unplanned.  I’m so glad that you are here!  My goal with this blog is to help you, the mom blogger or work-at-home, by providing simple solutions to your everyday struggles and straightforward tips to boost your blog.  I’m on this journey too, and I hope to share with you some valuable information that will help you take your new blog to the next level.  I recognize that we are more than just bloggers, we are women and moms.  And I speak to that in many of my posts with inspiration for your whole life.  Buckle up and join me on this journey.  It’s going to be a fun ride!

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