Buckle up, keep an open mind, and get ready to learn How to be Less of a Hot Mess and Rock Your Bedtime Routine.

Are you a hot mess in the evenings? Last post, we talked about How to be Less of a Hot Mess and Rock Your Morning Routine. Today, we’re going to talk about your bedtime routines, rituals, and how the choices you make tonight will impact your tomorrow.

You may have heard that your morning starts the night before, and this couldn’t be truer. By developing and implementing a bedtime routine, you will get a head start on the day ahead, you will sleep more peacefully, and your mornings will run more smoothly.

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Create Your Scramble List

On any given day there are a gazillion things that have me scrambling around in the morning trying to get out the door. How to be Less of a Hot Mess and Rock Your Morning Routine you listed your non-negotiables. Today, I want you to create a list of all the things that you have to do in the morning to get out the door and all the things that you scramble around to do. List everything out from taking a shower, finding your keys, drinking your coffee, getting the kids’ lunches together, everything.

From this list, decide which items can be done the night before. Strategically move two to three of these tasks to your bedtime routine. Only commit right now to adding two or three tasks. This is about building a routine, so once these are ingrained, you can add some more.

There are three main items that I’ve added to my bedtime routine that have saved me immense frustration and heartache in the mornings. Your morning tasks may be different, but I urge you to try these three processes and see what a difference they can make in your efforts to be less of a train wreck πŸ˜‰


This is not as glamorous as it sounds. However, I always load and start the dishwasher before I go to bed. The reason for this is that it can wash the dishes while I’m sleeping, I wake up to a relatively cleanish kitchen (at least the sink isn’t overflowing with dirty dishes), and I can empty it early in the day before the dishes start to accumulate again. This way I can simply put dirty dishes in the dishwasher, and there will be no accumulation of gross dishes in the kitchen throughout the day. Presto, done.

This actually makes hell ‘a difference in my attitude in the morning as I’m not disgusted by the state of my kitchen first thing.

How to be Less of a Hot Mess and Rock Your Bedtime Routine

Make Coffee

This one is kind of glamorous. Make your coffee the night before, and set your coffee maker to auto-start before you get up. If you don’t have a coffee maker that does this, invest in one. It’s worth it. There is no more luxurious feeling than waking up to the smell of coffee. Β It actually helps get me out of bed in the morning to start on my morning routine.

If coffee isn’t your thing, get the ingredients ready for your green drink, your tea, or whatever. The point is to have it ready so that you don’t have to prepare it in the morning.

Load the Washing Machine

Don’t get too excited. I know this is glamor overload, but it really is an important step in keeping yourself together. Load your washing machine every night, a load a day, and set it to wash in the wee hours of the morning. Then, when you get up in the morning, even before you’ve had your coffee, you can transfer it to the dryer. You’ll be half-asleep and won’t even remember doing it, so it’s like magic really, and you’ll always have clean clothes. (The reason for setting it for early in the morning is so that the clothes don’t get musty before you’ve had a chance to transfer them.)

These three steps are imperative to my bedtime routine and to my sanity. At the very least they keep me a step ahead for the day ahead. Here is what my entire bedtime routine entails:

  • Clear off a hot spot- coined by the Fly Lady, this involves clearing a small area of clutter.
  • Shower
  • Load dishwasher
  • Make coffee
  • Get kids’ clothes ready
  • Load washing machine
  • Complete to-do list- Β This will be discussed further in another post, but ultimately involves dumping my brain onto a sheet of paper.
  • Read- I love to check my social media and read something of substance to get my learn on before bed.

Finally be Less of a Hot Mess

Lastly, it is so important to get to bed at a decent hour. Last time, we talked about the importance of getting up early to have a productive day. Getting to bed is essential if you are going to implement your morning routine and rock your day.

Keep in mind that the items on your bedtime routine list do not all have to be done at once. Take your time, and if you have a moment in the afternoon to complete an item from the list, get it done and over with then, one less thing to do in the evening. Let’s hit this home, shall we? Go to bed!

In How to be Less of a Hot Mess and Rock Your Bedtime Routine, you learned some simple, but effective strategies to really set yourself up for success. Β The key is to now implement these strategies so that you can be more productive and efficient throughout your days every day.

How to be Less of a Hot Mess and Rock Your Bedtime Routine

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