New and seasoned bloggers alike are always looking for the best tips and tricks to grow their blogs, but the noise on the web is deafening.  How do you know what advice is good?  Which tips are legit?  It’s downright overwhelming.

Here, I asked the best bloggers I could think of about their #1 tip for new bloggers.  These tips are as legit as it gets.  These tips for new bloggers are from the cream of the crop, the upper crust if you will, of bloggers.  They are pros.  They know what they are doing and are willing to help by laying it out for you.

If you are a new blogger and are serious about growing your blog, take this advice and implement it.  I’m so excited to share this post with you, and I’m honored that all these pro bloggers took the time to help me put this post together.

Let’s dive in!

Tips From the Experts

Chantel Arnett

Blogging With a Smile

“When Darci asked me what my #1 tip for blog growth for new bloggers was, I wanted to say “create quality content.” Sadly, even the very best content won’t be read without some additional work on your part. Like it or not, with literally millions of blogs on the Internet, your audience is not going to accidentally find you. What does that mean for you as a new blogger? It means that you have to have a strategy for growing your blog’s traffic. And the good news is, there are choices!

1. Increase your chances of being found through SEO (search engine optimization) – not easy.

2. Promote your blog through free or paid channels – a bit easier.

So, which of these options would I recommend? Since most of us are already on social media, sharing your blog’s content on social sites is a good place to start. But don’t just share your blog post on your Facebook page and call it a day. Join Facebook groups for bloggers that allow you to share and promote your blog posts. Or learn how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog. Or develop a following on Instagram. And above all else, be authentic and engage with others that you meet on your blogging journey. I love the way my friend Suzi at Start a Mom blog describes it (and I’ll paraphrase)… If you want to be successful online, “make friends” and “help friends”. I believe that the most successful bloggers have mastered this.

So, my #1 tip for blog growth is…

Engage authentically, find ways to develop and nurture a relationship with your readers and always remember the WIIFM (what’s in it for me) principle when creating content for your audience. :)”

“Create good images and share them on Pinterest! Pinterest is a huge source of traffic for me, but it didn’t use to be. My images have improved immensely and because of that, I’ve seen a huge increase in followers and blog readers. Also, join group boards!!”

Tips for New Bloggers

Meera Kothand

Meera Kothand

“My no#1 tip: Focus on tasks and goals that are aligned with your current blogging stage and milestones. When the tasks you undertake are not aligned with your blogging stage, there’s going to be a mismatch in your efforts and how much you get in return from them.

Here are some examples of milestones: Launching your blog with a solid foundation, nurturing and growing a small engaged list, earning your first 1K and scaling your income streams. Once you’ve identified your milestone, pick only 2-3 goals a quarter. This will help you grow your blog and following faster than you expect.”

Addi Ganley

Addi Ganley



“One of the best ways to accelerate your growth as a new blogger is to start networking with people in your industry. Once you start to build a strong relationship with other bloggers you can figure out ways to collaborate and help each other. This will lead to more traffic and engagement to your content.”

“Don’t just create content for the sake of creating content. Be strategic with it and make sure it all leads somewhere, like a lead magnet, a Facebook group, a webinar, an offer…whatever you’ve got! Just be intentional with your content and use it to build an audience.”

Tips for New Bloggers

Jennifer Snyder

Women Winning Online

“Get to know your niche right from the start! Spend time in Facebook groups talking to them. Send out surveys to your email list asking people what they want to learn more about. Heck, pick up the phone and interview a handful of them! I did this when I first started Women Winning Online and it helped me so much. Know your niche like you know your best friend!

The reason this is important is because you will start to understand what they need. You will then be able to create blog posts they want to read, opt-in offers they are excited to read, and products that meet their needs. This is the number one key to blog growth. Find your readers, get to know them, help them, and then build your tribe. This will make your blog a smashing success!”

“The first Big Challenge for every Blogger, is to create an audience. My number 1 tip for this is to write great content.

All the promotion in the world will not build a thriving audience if your content is not great. Amazing Content, products or services are your Best Marketing Tools. Everything you do online has to start with creating something incredible. Do not be afraid to say what everyone is thinking but not saying. Other people are probably thinking about that too, but you’ll be rewarded for being brave enough to say it. The key is to write something so incredibly irresistible, controversial and thoughtful, that people are compelled to read and share it. This will create viral content and grow your blog traffic.”

Yamilette Platero

Boss Latina

“My number one tip would be to collaborate with other bloggers in similar niches. While I have become pickier about who I choose to associate with and collaborate with online, I have found that once you find others who are just as passionate as you about what you do and who are willing to support you, the sky is the limit. The key is to find those who have similar values as you and who offer services and products (or at least content) that would resonate with your own audience otherwise you won’t be as successful.

Also, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Most people are willing to work with you (whether it’s guest posting, conducting a giveaway or doing a joint webinar). This is especially true when you have reached out to them before. So don’t be afraid to tag them in an answer to their post or respond to one of their emails. Let them know you exist and before you know it, you’ll get noticed.”

Candis Hidalgo

Smart Mom Blogger

“More important than any “of the minute” social network or traffic hack you might try for a blog or traffic growth is SHAREABLE content. The number one thing you should focus on in order to grow your blog is to deeply help ONE person with every piece of content you put out there. Whether it’s to inspire them to change, or simply to help them solve a problem or reach a goal, if your content helps others in a clear way, then it becomes naturally SHAREABLE. When your content gets shared, your blog grows on autopilot!”

Elna Cain

Twins Mommy

“My best tip for growth strategy is to focus on one social media platform. For me that’s Pinterest, but for others it might be Facebook or Instagram. Find out where your audience hangs out and promote on that platform. By having an optimized social media profile that’s branded it will help not only drive traffic, but also help gain followers and readers.”

Crystal Paine

Your Blogging Mentor

“Find a handful of blogs that have markets you’d like to reach and contact those bloggers offering to write a guest post for them. Make sure that your guest post is your absolute best work, is a great fit for the audience you are writing for, and is in line with what types of posts are on the blog you are guest posting for.

When you write your bio for the guest post, include some type of incredible freebie offer that will encourage people to go check out your site and sign up for your email list. You want to convert them from a one-time visitor to your site to a long-term raving fan!”

Tips for New Bloggers

Wow.  Every single one of these tips for new bloggers was a gem!  From finding your niche to guest posting to writing amazing content, these tips are totally doable and I hope they help you to know where to focus your energy as you are starting your awesome blog.

I’d also like to thank everyone who contributed.  I think this advice is gold and wish I’d seen something like this when I was starting out.

And whether you are a new or experienced blogger, I invite you to join our free Facebook group, the Brilliant Blogger’s Club, where we talk about all things blogging and then some.  I’d love to see you in there!

Tips for New Bloggers



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