Does your email list consist of your mom and your best friend?  Is it super small?  Stagnant maybe?  Maybe you just want to ramp up your email list building efforts to grow your list even bigger than it is.  Have you heard that you ought to be working on your list but you don’t know where to start?  Are you struggling?

I’ve been there!

But then I made some changes to my strategy and my list has taken off.  In the past two months I’ve increased my subscriber rate by 40%!

Here, I will show you how to boost your email list and some of the exact strategies I used.

Ready?  Let’s go!


The first thing I did was to survey my audience.  I asked a few key questions to find out what they are wanting, needing, and where I could help.  I posted the link to the survey both in my Facebook group, the Brilliant Blogger’s Club, and I emailed it to my current subscribers.

Here are a few of the questions you will want to ask in your own survey:

  • What product concerning X would you like to see me create for you?
  • What is your biggest struggle with X?
  • What is the one product or service you would pay almost anything for right now?
  • If you could state your biggest concern with X right now, what would it be?
  • What is the one thing you want to accomplish in the next year?

You really want to get into the head of your reader.  What would they give you their name and email address for in a heartbeat, without even having to think about it?  That’s the idea you are after.


I love a good poll.  They are so quick and easy, and they get you the info you need right away.

You can create a poll in your own FB group or even in someone else’s.

Flat out ask the members of the group what they would want from you.  You can, after having researched and listened to the conversations in your niche, give several choices as to the freebie they’d prefer.

The one with the most votes is the winner!  And you have been assured that your freebie will be success.

I listened to what people were saying in my group, and what I heard over and over again was that they were struggling with getting traffic to their blogs.  So I created a poll that included a traffic resource as an option.  Low and behold, it was the winner… and that’s how 51 Winning Blog Traffic Ideas was born!

(It’s super easy to create a poll in FB.  Just click on the poll option as you are creating a post.  This will give you the ability to enter your choices.)


You want to create a freebie that they would pay money for.  It needs to be that good.  Gone are the days when you could slap up a simple checklist or cheat sheet and get people falling over themselves to sign up.  You need to give your best stuff away and don’t be afraid that they won’t then want your paid product.  It’s all in the delivery.

For example, 51 Winning Blog Traffic Ideas is only a portion of what I have to give.  I also have a freebie with 101 Blog Traffic Ideas, which then leads to a paid product on list building… because, really, what good is the traffic if you aren’t doing anything with it, right?

Your freebie needs to be targeted, beautifully formatted and presented, and have high quality content.

Boost Your Email List


Ah, I love talking about landing pages.  I get all geeky about it!

So you want to have a great landing page.  Now, what great is will depend on what your audience responds to.  Some bloggers use really long landing pages with lots of information about the freebie plus testimonials and screenshots of the actual product.

However, some bloggers use very short landing pages that do just as well.  You’ll want to split test to see which your audience prefers.

The landing page that is doing the best for me right now is this one, for 51 Winning Blog Traffic Ideas.  You can check it out here.  It’s short, doesn’t go into a lot of detail, just tells them what it is and gives them the opportunity to snag it.  On the day that I am writing this, at this moment, it’s converted at 100%.  It typically converts between 60-80%.  For this reason, I’ve not split tested this page yet.  When the conversion starts to decline, I’ll switch it up and test another page against it.


Once you have your opt-in created and have designed your landing page, it’s time to promote… everywhere.

I promoted this opt-in on a ribbon on my blog, I made it the pinned post in the Brilliant Blogger’s Club, I promoted in others’ Facebook groups, I created a pin on Pinterest, and I included a link to it in all my social media profiles.

Your freebie and landing page exist in a vacuum if you don’t get them out there into the world and make them known.  You must promote your offer!  This can be scary at first, but I promise you that it’s worth it.


These are just a few of the things you can do to boost your email list.  There are so many strategies that can work for your blog and business.  You just need to find the right ones for your audience and go for it.

And I know I mentioned this before, but it’s worth saying again… All the traffic in the world is of no consequence if you aren’t doing anything with it.  You need to get your readers onto your list so that you can create more targeted content for them, nurture them, and provide the right products to them.

This is why I created List Building for Bloggers the Basics.  In it, you will get all the strategies you can imagine to grow your list like whoa!  I cover the basics to get you started, but there are also more advanced strategies that you can move on to once you get your feet wet and feel comfortable with growing your list.

If you really want a thriving list and are willing to put in the work and try new methods, then List Building for Bloggers the Basics is for you.  You can get more details here or just grab your copy >>>

Want 51 Winning Blog Traffic Ideas?