Why rock your to-do list?  So that you can avoid being a hot mess all day long.  I’m lost without my list.  Blogging and running my household is a lot of work, so if it’s not written down, it doesn’t get done.  Without a list, I feel like I’m running in circles with a million things to do, but I don’t know where to start.  This goes for both my personal and WAHM life.

Keeping your tasks listed and visible has many benefits.  It will keep you motivated.  There is ALWAYS something to do!  By writing out your tasks at night (as mentioned in How to be Less of a Hot Mess and Rock Your Morning Routine), it acts as a sort of brain dump and will help you get a better night’s rest.  You can stress less, as there is less to remember.  It will keep you productive and will provide a sense of satisfaction every time you complete a task.  Win and win.

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Let your to-do list be the last thing you do before you check out.  Keep the list on your nightstand and complete it just before lights out.  List everything you need to do plus all that you want to accomplish the next day.  Don’t over think it, just write everything down.  And actually write it out with a pen and paper.  Don’t text yourself or send yourself an email.  It’s not the same thing and doesn’t have the same effect.

By completing your to-do list at night before bed, you will help to clear your mind of any pesky worries or anxieties about the coming day.  Let them go onto the paper.  This is the time to brain dump. You will sleep more soundly and worry less.  I promise.

I keep two lists, one for my personal life (errands, kid stuff, etc.) and one for my WAHM duties (blog posts to write, social media updates, etc.).  Although I treat them both the same, when I’m working, I only refer to my WAHM list.  Helps me keep my mind organized and on task.  You can simply use a blank piece of paper, or if you’re like me, you can get a little fancy and use some beautiful, premade lists.

Rock Your To-do List


Add your to-do list to your morning routine and watch yourself transform from a hot mess right into superwoman.  Just kidding.  But it will make a huge difference in your productivity.  Check your list every morning.  Pick your least favorite or largest task and complete it first.  Cross that baby off your list and feel the sense of accomplishment grow.

You should have several smaller things on your list too.  When I first started implementing a to-do list I included things like washing my hair and making dinner just so I would have things to cross off my list.  Make it a game you play with yourself.  Challenge yourself to cross off as many items from your list as possible each day.

That being said, I keep a running to-do list.  I simply add new tasks to the bottom and carry over the tasks that didn’t get completed.  It’s never ending, but very satisfying to see all that gets done.

I keep my to-do lists in my planner.


Very closely related to your to-do list is your calendar.  Purchase a big calendar that can accommodate a lot of writing, as you may want to include appointments, activities, and your menu.  (The one I currently use is Family Planner by Trends International and it’s working out great.  Plenty of space and comes with fun stickers for you to personalize.)

Immediately add appointments, events, and occasions.  It’s very important to keep your calendar in a central location where you can see and access it easily.  Encourage your family to utilize it and add their events as well.  You can get really fancy with this by color coding and by using stickers and markers.  Let your creativity free here.

I’m a pen and paper kind of girl, but some people prefer digital calendars.  That’s great.  Google Calendar can keep you on point no matter where you are and you can even sync with family members so that they can make changes to it also.  This is a great option if you are always on the go.


Let’s do this!  Brain dump every night, keep two lists, add to your morning routine, and use your calendar.  Be less of a hot mess and rock your to-do list.  It will make you feel super accomplished and productive.  You will stay on point all day and rock everyone’s world!

 Rock Your To-do List

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