Do you have an email list but it’s sitting dormant because you don’t know what to send?  Or maybe you want a list but don’t know what you’d say.  Perhaps you’ve sent a few sporadic email newsletters but haven’t been consistent because no one is responding.  Well, my friend, I’ve got you covered.  In this post, I detail exactly what you can include in your emails to get them opened and read consistently.  Here, you can steal my formula!  I’m laying it all out for you.  I’ve studied the emails of bloggers big and small to identify trends, what works, and what absolutely doesn’t.  This is the most effective format you can use again and again.  Ready?  Let’s dive in and learn how to write a killer email newsletter your audience will love.

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Have you noticed that some emails you get just beg to be opened?  You have to open them because you MUST see what’s inside.  While others… eh.  Or you just delete through your list to clean it out but keep the most interesting ones, only judging them by the subject line.

I get it.  I do this all the time.

So it’s super important that you have a great first impression and leave the reader dying to open your email.

But how do you do this?

I always run my subject lines through the Coschedule Headline Analyzer for a rating before choosing the best one.  This free tool is a gem and so helpful when you don’t know if your headline is amazing or if it sucks.  It rates your headline on word length, keywords, sentiment, etc.  Then it scores your headline for how compelling it will be to readers.

Example:  The headline for this post, “How to Write a Killer Email Newsletter Your Audience Will Love” received a score of 74.

(I typically aim for anything above 72.)

How to Write a Killer Email Newsletter Your Audience Will Love


Now it’s time to get started on the actual email.

Always, always greet your subscribers with genuine warmth.  Address them by name, if you have it, or group nickname.

For example:  I frequently will write, “Hello my beautiful Hot Mess!” because that is what I call my followers.  It’s a term of endearment and it’s more personal than, “Dear Joan.”

Follow your greeting by asking how they are doing.  How was their week?

Do not just launch into your spiel.  You wouldn’t do that in real life, so don’t do it in your email.


You just asked about them, how they are, and what their week was like.  It’s only right to reciprocate.  So tell them what’s new with you.  Be real.  Did you have a major win recently?  Maybe you’re struggling with something and they might be able to relate.

This is where you share something personal.  Give them a glimpse of you or your business behind the scenes.

This is an excerpt taken directly from my last email:

Hello my beautiful Hot Mess.

I hope that you’ve had a lovely week and are killing your goals in both your personal and WAHM life.

Personally, I’ve had a fantastic week!  I just started Elite Blog Academy and am loving it so far.  I’d been in a bit of a slump, not feeling motivated and just feeling stagnant with my business, and this has given me the push and motivation I needed.  I’m feeling pumped and on fire with new ideas for content and super excited about what lays ahead for Life Unplanned.

Enough about me.  Let’s talk about you.

See what I did there?

Thrive Leads: Build Your Mailing List


This is where you dive into your message.  I alternate between the following two options.

Option A:  Highlight a reader question and then answer it.

You can take a question from the comments section of your blog, an email, a Facebook conversation, wherever.  Then answer it in detail in your email so that all your subscribers can benefit from the answer.

Example: You may relate to this question asked in the Facebook group this week by Melissa Hall Roy of Beyond Mommying She asks, “How do you recover from a bad blogging month/week/day?  What do you do to move away from the disappointment and boost your blog going forward?”  What a great question and one that I can totally relate to as well.

A bad blogging streak.  We’ve all been there.  But how do you dig yourself out of the rut once you are in it.  It’s so hard to see the light through the trees when you are in the thick of the forest, am I right?  But if you are going to succeed as a blogger, then you must find a way to remotivate yourself and light that internal fire once again.

For me, last month was a tough one.  I was stressed out about personal health issues, I was not motivated, I couldn’t concentrate to write what I felt was quality content, I was in a hole and had blogger’s block.  It felt like a viscous cycle too, because when I couldn’t write, I’d get down on myself for not being motivated.  And on it went.

But I’ve found that when I’m in a rut like this, the best way for me to get back to my positive attitude is to take on a new challenge.  For me, it was starting a new course.  The challenge of having weekly assignments in addition to my usual workload and continuing my education is just what I needed to get out of my funk.

If you are feeling stuck, not motivated, frustrated, down, I urge you to push through it and find something that will light your fire.  Look into courses that will excite you and help you to not only get out of your funk but improve your blog as well.  Learn a new skill, try something different.  Step outside your comfort zone.  It may be just the kick in the pants you need.

Option B:  Create a piece of content that relates to a recent blog post but that is extra exclusive content only for your subscribers.

Example:  Today I’d like to touch on how to move forward when you feel stuck.  I’ve been struggling with some major health issues and there are times when I feel like doing nothing.  I feel stuck.  The negative self-talk kicks in and it’s HARD to overcome it. 

But overcome it I do, and here’s how.  I push myself.  I may not feel like going out into the world and facing another day, but I do it anyway.  When I don’t feel inspired to write, I do it anyway.  And I may not feel like putting a smile on, but I do it anyway.  And you know what?  That’s what it takes sometimes.  Forcing myself out there, to do what I don’t feel like doing because it’s not only the right thing to do, but it’s the right thing to do for me.

Fake it ’til you make it.  And before you know it, you’ll believe it!

It works.  I promise.

If you have been struggling with feeling stuck in any way, I urge you to Do.  It.  Anyway.  And see how you feel.

The meat of your email can be a mini lesson, a moral, a story, anything.  But make sure it will be helpful to your reader and that they will walk away with some little nugget they didn’t have before reading.

How to Write a Killer Email Newsletter Your Audience Will Lov


After the meat come the recent posts with links so they can get right to your blog.  Here, you can include a blurb about the post if you’d like.

Make sure your recent post section is bold, separated from the rest of the text, and linked.

Example:  ON THE BLOG: 

How to Manage Chronic Illness and Online Business

Why You Need Elite Blog Academy to Make Your Blog a Success 


If you are an affiliate for a product or service, here is where you pitch it.  These affiliate products should be relevant to your reader and should really help them.  Always be genuine with your affiliate promos, and don’t forget to include a disclaimer at the end of your post.

Example:  (This post may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, I will receive a small compensation.)

I don’t usually include a picture of the product here because emails with a lot of photos can more easily be marked as spam.  But you can certainly choose to highlight your affiliate product with a photo if it seems reasonable.

Do also include a personal testimonial for the product.

Example:  SPOTLIGHT:  My good friend Yamilette Platero of Boss Latina has just launched her stock photo store, Posh Stock for the Lady Boss, and…  It.  Is.  Fabulous.  The photos are not only feminine and gorgeous, but they are super affordable.  She has styled stock photos, seasonal photos, social media ready images, new images every month, and even custom packages available.  I’ve already started using these beautiful images on my website and social media and it’s made them look so pro!  Really, the quality is fantastic.

If you are wanting some pro pics for your site but haven’t been able to justify the expense, take a look at Posh Stock for the Lady Boss.  There are three totally affordable options to choose from.  Plus, here’s a coupon code just for you for being a loyal supporter of Life Unplanned:  Enter LifeUnplanned20 at checkout for 20% off your order!

(The photo below is just one of many beautiful pics you can get at Posh Stock.)

How to Write a Killer Email Newsletter Your Audience Will Love


Have a signature close that can use for every email you send.

Mine is:  Xo, Darci

Super simple, but that’s how I roll.


This piece is optional, but I use it frequently to remind my subscribers that I have this awesome, engaged Facebook group, and they should join it.

Example:  Have you joined our private Facebook group?  We talk about all things lifestyle and blogging.  I’d love to see you in there!  

That’s it!  I always use some variation of this formula for my list, but I stick pretty close to it.  It keeps things consistent for my readers and simple for me.  Win-win.

Steal this step-by-step formula for writing a killer email newsletter your audience will love and go write your newsletter.  Go.  Now!

You are now armed with a formula you can use again and again.  If you get stuck at any stage, let me know.  I’m happy to help!  Also, I’d love it if you commented below with examples of how this post has helped you.

And if you loved this post, stay tuned for Part II all about how to gain your first 100 subscribers!

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