I remember it like it was yesterday… because it really wasn’t that long ago.  A few short months ago my blog was stagnant.  My numbers were low, LOW.  I found myself checking my stats several times throughout the day.  I’d taken an expensive blogging course, but still felt unprepared and unqualified.  I was promoting my posts daily in Facebook groups and pinning on Pinterest, but I was lucky to get a few visitors and repins.  I wasn’t making any money.  And I was stuck.  I didn’t have a clear plan.

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And then my luck turned around.  I began implementing some simple strategies, following a marketing plan that had been done for me, and my traffic literally tripled overnight!  I know it sounds fantastical, but it really happened.  It wasn’t a fluke either, the following day my traffic was up, and the day after that too.  It’s been up since I found Find Your Tribe Online.

How to Quickly Triple Your Traffic and Grow Your Blog

I needed this.  Oh, how I needed this.  I’d been blogging for awhile, had my small following, was doing my thing, but really wasn’t getting anywhere, and the worst part for me was that I wasn’t making an income.  The problem was I didn’t know where my people were hanging out.  I didn’t know where to find them.  I knew that they were out there, somewhere, but they weren’t reading my blog.

Find Your Tribe Online is a done for you marketing plan.  When I say it’s done for you, I mean that there is no fluff about it.  It details exactly what you need to do to find your people online, the people that you are writing for, the people you want your words to reach.

This is what I did to triple my traffic and find my tribe.

(If you haven’t yet launched your blog and want to get it up and running in no time, see How to Start a Blog the Easy Way.)


So in the past, I’d joined a few group boards and pinned my latest posts to them.  And that was it.  And that’s where I went wrong.

Ultimate Blog Post Checklist

***The key is to join boards in your niche that have a high repin rate.

You want to pin to these boards EVERY DAY, not only when you have a new post.

The easiest way to manage this is to use a pin scheduler like Board Booster or Tailwind.  I prefer Board Booster for its ease of use and set it and forget it capability.  (A Board Booster tutorial is in the works and on the way.)

In order to find the right boards, I recommend FYTO.  The spreadsheet included listed the exact boards that were top in my niche.  I also used the included script to email the owner of the board to request acceptance.  The script worked like a charm and I was accepted to almost every board to which I applied.

Again, after just one day of implementing this strategy, my traffic skyrocketed.


Now, this is an area that I approached with some hesitation, as I’d guest posted a few times before and not been at all pleased with the results.  None of my past guest posts had resulted in more traffic or subscribers.

***The key is to guest post on the right blogs in your niche where you will be seen by your people.

You want to guest post on big blogs that your people frequent, and you want to do it right.

You want to pitch to only those blogs that will showcase you and help you reach a wider audience.

I used the spreadsheet provided in FYTO to find those exact blogs that had a lot of traffic and loyal followers.  Posting on these types of blogs gives you credibility to the readers, as they already trust the blog owner.

I used the done-for-me script and pitched to three big blogs.  One accepted!  And I couldn’t be happier with the results.  The day my post was published on the site, my subscriber numbers jumped.  I saw more traffic on my blog and more people were joining my Facebook group.

I continue to receive traffic from that post which was published over a month ago.

Grow Your Blog


I already had an opt-in and landing page… but they weren’t converting as well as I would like.

*** The key is to create the right opt-in and landing page for readers in your niche.

Your opt-in should cater to the needs of the exact person you are trying to attract.  How can you help them?  What do they need right now?

Once you’ve figured that out, create a landing page specifically for that opt-in.

There are many facets to a good landing page, but the question I hear most often is, “Can it just be a page on my blog?”

The answer is, “No.”  Your landing page should be a page with no distractions, meaning no sidebar, no ads, and no links.  There should be nothing on the page except your freebie offer and a sign-up button.

“But, Darci, how will they get to my blog?” is usually the follow-up question.

The answer is that the goal of the page is not to get people to your blog, it’s to get sign ups and to grow your email list.  You can, however, add a link to your blog in the thank you page after they’ve signed up.

As a result of creating the opt-in offer that my people want and creating a good landing page for it, I am no longer concerned about my list.  It continues to grow daily.

(For beautiful and optimized opt-in boxes and landing pages that convert, I recommend Thrive Leads and Thrive Landing Pages.)

Grow Your Blog


These are just a few of the areas covered in the Find Your Tribe Online Program.  And really, my favorite part about the whole thing was the spreadsheet.  It included information about my niche that would have taken me hours upon hours to assimilate if I were to attempt it myself.  It’s all done for you and there is no fluff, just the good stuff.

It’s now been three months since implementing the strategies outlined in the Find Your Tribe Online marketing plan and my blog is flourishing.  In terms of traffic, email list, and income, I’ve had my best three months ever!

If you are serious about growing your blog quickly, you will want to try this marketing plan for yourself.  I can’t recommend it enough.  I’ve had the success myself and want it for you too!  Take a look here for more information.  And if you have any questions about it at all, please pop it into the comments or email me.  I’m happy to help 🙂


PS: Don’t forget to grab your Ultimate Blog Post Checklist to help send you on your way to tripling your traffic!

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How to Quickly Triple Your Traffic and Grow Your Blog

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