“I’m a new blogger.  What’s the best way to get traffic to my blog?”  If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it 1000 times.  This is the number one struggle for new and more experienced bloggers alike.  And the answer is simple, but it’s all in the execution.  Ready?…  You need to know your audience and meet them where they are.

That’s it!

Easy right?  But how do you really know who your audience is, and what do you do once you find them?  Read on, because I’m about to explain the #1 super simple way to explode your traffic.

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The #1 Super Simple Way to Explode Your Traffic




The very first step in reaching your audience is to create a reader avatar.  What is an avatar?  An avatar is the embodiment of your ideal reader.  Imagine them in detail.  Who are they?  What do they look like?  Are they married or single?  Do they have children?  What are their hobbies?  What’s their favorite tv program?  What are their interests?  What are their pain points?  Can you identify their struggles?  What are their joys?  Get as specific as you can, down to what they wear and how they act.  The more detailed the better.

This is who you will write to.

This is really a great exercise.  If you’ve never created a reader avatar before, this will be great to help hone your message.  If you have done an avatar before but it’s been awhile, I would urge you to try the exercise again.  I recently did this exercise for the second time and my ideal reader has changed.  She is now much more real in my mind.  I even have an image of her actual appearance!

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This helps you write to one person.  And that person is your avatar.  If you try to write to everyone, you will lose your readers and wind up writing for no one.  Imagine your avatar as you write.  You’ll find that your writing will be more on target for your ideal audience, causing them to come back again and again.


Creating a survey with specific questions to hone down your niche is super helpful.  I learned so much about my audience the first time I did this that now it’s a regular part of my process of keeping in touch with my readers and learning what they want from Life Unplanned.

In getting to know your audience, who they are and what they crave, you can easily set up a free survey in Survey Monkey and post it in your Facebook group or page, send it to your email list, or you can even post it in other Facebook groups in your niche.  (Make sure to check group rules and guidelines prior to posting.)

When conducting this survey, you want to ask open-ended questions that will help you get to know your audience better.  What is their biggest pain point right now?  What do they want more of from you?  How can you better serve them?

You’ll be surprised.  The answers may not be what you expect.  And that’s okay because now you know what your audience wants from you and you can deliver the goods.

The #1 Super Simple Way to Explode Your Traffic




Now that you know who your reader is, you can go out and find them.  Look for them everywhere.  Leave no rock unturned.  It’s your job to meet them where they are and introduce them to your awesomeness.

One of the best places to find your people is on Facebook.  Join groups in your niche and show up in the group.  DO NOT SPAM.  Just be there and get to know the members.  Provide amazing value in the form of information, support, and knowledge about your topic.  The beauty of this is that they will be intrigued and more likely to check you out.  The group may even have a special promo day when you can actively tell the members how you can help them.

Another great way to meet them where they are is to start your own Facebook group.  This is what I did with the Life Unplanned Facebook group, and it is one of the best decisions I’ve made on my blogging journey.  Having your own Facebook group allows you to give and provide value every day to everyone in the group without reserve.  You can listen to what they say and create your content in response to their needs.


Pinterest is a goldmine of readers for your blog.  They are ready, willing, and waiting to find the post that speaks to them.  Use this to your advantage and join group boards in your niche.

A group board is a collaborative board owned by someone else.  There are many contributors, thus expanding the opportunity to reach a broader audience.

Ensure that your account is set up as a business account and that you have made it pro by adding board covers, keywords, and rich descriptions.

Pin to your group boards every day and use Board Booster to manage your account.  Board Booster makes it super easy to set your pins once and forget about them and leave your pinning on autopilot.

You can join group boards by following the board owner, messaging them, and requesting acceptance into the group.  It can take some time to get responses, so be patient.  Once you are in, you can set up Board Booster to pin daily from your designated personal boards.


Lastly, you can be a presence on blogs in your niche to gain exposure for your own.

Commenting on blogs is a tried and true method to reach your audience.  Leave meaningful, thoughtful, and insightful responses to blog posts and you will get noticed.  Readers will look you up, wanting to know more about you.  Many blogs allow you to include your URL with your comment making it easy for readers to check you out.

Guest posting on popular blogs in your niche is another fantastic way to boost traffic to your blog.  Create a stellar, well-written, and intriguing post.  Be sure to link to yourself and provide a great short bio that makes readers want to click over to your site.

Here’s my bio as an example:  Darci Lopez wants to live in a world where her closets are organized, she is on time everywhere she goes, and yoga pants are perfectly acceptable attire.  As a lifestyle blogger who writes about parenting, personal development, and blogging tips, she’s been honored with the Liebster Award and published on the Huffington Post.  When she’s not running around chasing her kids or writing, you can find her behind her sewing machine creating beautiful pieces of clothing, household items, and accessories.  Her first ebook, How to be Less of a Hot Mess- Inspiration for Stay-at-Home-Moms, launched June 2016, and she is currently offering a free 5-day email course for bloggers, 5 Days and 5 Ways to Grow Your Blog Traffic.  Share ideas, lifestyle tips, and inspiration about parenting, personal development, and blogging at Life Unplanned, on Facebook, or on Pinterest.  While you’re there, sign up for post updates and awesome freebies!


Now that you know the best way to get traffic to your blog is to know your audience and meet them where they are, you are probably wondering how to find those Facebook groups, Pinterest group boards, and blogs where your people are.  The tool I used last year to triple my traffic and grow my blog is Find Your Tribe Online.  It’s a course designed to help you find your people, and increase the traffic to your blog.

The #1 Super Simple Way to Explode Your Traffic

But it’s not only that…

It also comes with an invaluable spreadsheet of Facebook groups, blogs, and Pinterest group boards for your exact niche!  The reason I find this spreadsheet so valuable is that it will save you so much time because it points you directly to your ideal audience.  No guess work required, and lots of results.  Again, I tripled my traffic with this resource… overnight!  No joke.

Taking the time to know your audience, find your tribe, and meet them where they are will make all the difference to your blog’s success.

Good luck!

And if you have any questions about the Find Your Tribe Online course, please just pop them into the comments.  I’ll answer every one 🙂

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