Spooky Happy Halloween my friend!  As you know, it’s my mission to bring you practical tips for your entire life.  So I thought I’d simplify your Halloween costume shopping this year!  Below, you will find the 10 best Halloween costumes for 2017.  These are all popular, quality, and fun costumes that you and your family will love to don on the big night.

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Toddler Horton Hears a Who Costume

Finding just the perfect Halloween costume for a baby is easy when you look to characters created by the magic of Dr. Seuss. Dr. Seuss is a master storyteller and his books and movies have captivated audiences for years.

Horton was such an adorable and likable character – and now you can dress your sweet little one up to look just like him in time for Halloween. Your child will be the hit of any gathering when he wears the Toddler Horton Hears a Who costume.

This is an officially licensed product, so it’s a replica of the one shown in the movie. The costume is made of a hooded jumpsuit that your child will be comfortable wearing. The soft and plushy material that it’s made of is soft to the touch and that makes it very cuddle-worthy.

The jumpsuit is long sleeved, so it’ll be great to wear out for Halloween to keep your little one warm. The feet portion of the jumpsuit has rubberized bottoms so that your child will be able to walk without slipping.

Because the elephant hood is attached, you don’t have to worry about having to use any kind of string elastic like on other Halloween costumes. The hood portion of the costume has the elephant’s cute little trunk high in the air.

The elephant’s eyes are sewn on and so are the eyebrows, so you don’t have to worry about any lost parts there either. The ears on the elephant hood are extra big and wide – just like Horton’s are in the movie!

The tail is attached to the rear of the costume.  You can just move the tail to one side when your little elephant wants to sit down.

The costume has snap closures, so it’s easy to get in and out of for dressing or for any necessary diaper changes. The material of the costume is made of polyester and you can spot clean it since it can’t go in the washer. You can also find this same adorable costume in toddler size if you have a slightly older child who wants to dress like Horton.

Halloween Costumes for 2017


Deluxe Kids Monster High Clawdeen Wolf Costume

There’s a good reason that so many kids are clamoring to go as one of their favorite characters from the Monster High series. There are some seriously cool characters on the show and they’re going to be very in demand as costumes this Halloween season – especially Clawdeen.

The costume consists of an open jacket with a pink and black zebra print shirt under it. The skirt is a short one with lace hanging just out from under the hem. The skirt is done in a style like the characters to make it flare out.

The black, studded belt comes with the costume and so does the choker necklace and the boot tops. The wig with werewolf ears that are shown in most of the Clawdeen Wolf costumes isn’t part of the set, so you’ll have to buy this separately as an accessory piece.

 Halloween Costumes for 2017

Descendants 2 Kids Mal Costume Deluxe

Become Mal and return to the land of Auradon and the Isle of the Lost when you choose the new look of Mal for your costume this Halloween. It even comes with the (detachable) wings on her back.

You’ll get a jacket, leggings, fingerless glove and top that will make you feel as awesome as Mal. If you have a little girl who is an avid Descendants fan, she’ll love this fashionable purple costume to help fulfill her dream of being the feisty Mal.

Children will love the songs and dances in Descendants 2. A costume party for all the kid-villains would be a great idea – and be sure to play the new tunes from the film – “Ways to Be Wicked” and Chillin’ Like a Villain.”

Exciting times are sure to follow when Descendants 2 fans get together in costumes to plot and scheme whatever and wherever their imagination takes them. Descendants 2 costumes will be especially popular this year – and the Descendants 2 Mal Costume Deluxe is sure to be a hit with the fans in your house.

Halloween Costumes for 2017

Harley Quinn Adult Halloween Costume

Costumes depicting characters from television shows, movies and comics are always such a big hit and this year, one of the top costumes is the Harley Quinn Adult version. In the land of comic book characters, there’s never been a rougher female villain as Harley.

Something about her character’s badness when she first appeared on the scene in the episode “Joker’s Favor” resonated with audiences. She quickly became a fan favorite. The character wore eye-popping clothes – including the harlequin bodysuit.

The Harley Quinn costume is both spunky and fun. The costume consists of the jacket that’s half red and half blue. It’s made of satin, so it’s soft to the touch and comfortable to wear.

It has gold trim along the sleeves and bottom. The cuffs of the jacket are done in both red and gold. As part of the jacket, there’s a crop top shirt. This shirt is distressed white – which means that it was deliberately made to look old.

Part of the shirt also contains red to match the jacket. The shirt portion is emblazoned with the phrase “Daddy’s Lil Monster” across the bust area. Along with the shirt and jacket combo, the Halloween costume has a pair of short-shorts.

These are a mixture of both red and blue and they’re sequined. As part of the costume, there’s also a pair of fishnet tights that Harley was known to wear. In a lot of the images for this Halloween costume, you’ll see the one of a kind wig.

It’s her hair that’s the pale blond on the top of the head to about a third of the way down the ponytails. But from there, each ponytail takes on a different color. One is dark pink and the other is blue.

Though you’ll see it shown in various images for the costume, this wig doesn’t come with the costume.  You can buy that separately. You’ll also often see the costume shown with a pair of boots. These don’t come with the costume, either. You’ll have to buy these separately as well.

This outfit comes in a variety of sizes and needs to be washed by hand.  It will be the hit of any party this Halloween season.

Halloween Costumes for 2017


IT Adult Pennywise Costume Deluxe

Want to scare the children on Halloween? Nothing will do it better than the Pennywise Costume Deluxe version. Clowns have never been seen the same way since Stephen King released his book, IT, and today Pennywise is on the prowl again in the latest movie based on the book.

IT Adult Pennywise Costume Deluxe includes the yellow, red, green and purple jumpsuit with neck ruffles and comes complete with white gloves and a character mask with an attached red wig. Freak out the children when you dress as the scariest clown known to man!

Kids in both the book and the movie at first doubt what they saw, but soon realize what they’re up against. When you wear the Pennywise Costume Deluxe, kids in your neighborhood will wonder the same thing. But it’s all in fun and what Halloween is all about – scaring people!

The Pennywise costume is meant to depict clowns through the centuries and you can definitely tell that it’s from another time and place. Pennywise, in fact, is the result of children’s imaginations throughout the years – come to life.

Halloween Costumes for 2017

Jurassic Park T-Rex Inflatable Adult Halloween Costume

For adults who want to terrify all the other spooks on Halloween (or make them laugh), the Jurassic Park T-Rex Inflatable Adult Halloween Costume is a must. Jurassic World brought back the world of the dinosaurs – and the T-Rex is one of the most ferocious.

Electrical fences and other technologies couldn’t stop the T-Rex from escaping the park and going on a terror-filled spree. When you wear this inflatable T-Rex costume, nothing is going to keep you from having the most fun you’ve ever had at Halloween.

This costume has a built-in, battery-operated fan that will keep you cool during your terrorizing trick or treat spree. You’ll be comfortably cool no matter what.

One size fits most adults, but when you order, be sure and see the detailed size chart for the best fit. This costume is fun and easy to wear and you’ll love the looks you get when you wear it. Best of all, no one will know it’s you.

The T-Rex was the most feared of all dinosaurs in Jurassic Park and you’ll be one of the most feared creatures on Halloween or at parties when you wear this realistic looking costume. If you’re a fan of Jurassic Park, this Inflatable Adult Halloween Costume is a great costume to choose.

Halloween Costumes for 2017

Kids High Five Emoji Costume

The use of Emojis in emails and text conversations is a form of communication that has steadily grown in popularity. One of the reasons is because it’s so easy to express how you’re feeling with the use of one or more of these colorful characters or designs.

With this costume, kids look like they’re a giant hand just waiting to share a high-five. The fingers are all one piece so they don’t bend separately. In the top of the middle two fingers, there is an eye view window for kids to be able to clearly see where they’re walking.

It’s the perfect costume for Halloween and it can fit kids up to size 14. It’s made of polyurethane foam, so it’s soft enough to provide comfort all night long during trick or treating.

You have to hand wash it if anything gets spilled on it.

The high five costume is fun and different – and bound to be a big hit with kids because it’s engaging. Other kids will want to high-five them in their costume, too. All you’ll need to provide is a pair of pants and a shirt to wear underneath.

This costume, like many of the others from the movie, is officially licensed to be sold this Halloween, so it’s made to look exactly like the character from the movie. It’s also great for shy children since they’re covered up except for where their eyes can peek out.

Halloween Costumes for 2017

LEGO Ninjago Movie Kids Kai Costume

Ordinary high school teenagers become heroes when they’re given the job of keeping Ninjago, the island where they live, safe. These characters each have their own strengths in the skills they use to protect Ninjago.

They fight against both monsters and evil villains. Now, kids can dress up like one of their favorite characters from the movie.

With the Kai costume, you can get the officially licensed version so you can make sure that it’s a replica based on the ninja warrior as worn in the movie. It’s patterned exactly after his outfit with the black and red colors.

You’ll be ready to fight to protect Ninjago with this outfit. The pants that are part of the costume are black and have the slight crease as well as the increase in height at the hem area to make them look like LEGO block feet.

The pants also have the red design on them on the upper portion. The tunic is red with black designs. It has the black belt design on it just like what’s shown in the movie. With this costume, you’ll get the mask included.

You’ll also get the cuff gloves that make the hands look like LEGO hands. The costume has Velcro closures and can be wiped clean. The weapons depicted in the movie are not available with the officially licensed costumes.

Halloween Costumes for 2017

Star Wars Princess Leia Adult Halloween Costume

Star Wars and the characters it produced never get old… talk about classic. Princess Leia is one of those strong-willed characters that women admire and strive to emulate – so choosing the Star Wars Princess Leia Adult Halloween Costume can help to fulfill the dream of being just like her.

The Star Wars Princess Leia Adult Halloween Costume comes with a one-piece white dress, belt, and wig. It’s a glamorous, futuristic costume that’s meant for the woman who fears nothing and is confident and powerful.

The one-piece dress is a flattering design that will compliment your figure with its dramatic split that reveals the right leg and adds even more flare to the costume.

White boots (not included in the package) can be bought separately and add another level of authenticity to the costume.

Princess Leia’s wig is the ‘cinnamon buns’ style and is crafted to look exactly like she wore it in the Star Wars movie.  The silver belt completes the costume with a body-flattering loose look.

By becoming Princess Leia, you’ll take on her many powers and beauty for a Halloween night filled with fun and lots of compliments. You’ll likely find many other characters from Star Wars out on Halloween night.

The story remains a classic to this day and both kids and adults enjoy taking on the persona of their favorite characters. When you wear the Star Wars Princess Leia Adult Halloween Costume, you will become the Force.

Halloween Costumes for 2017

Teen Maleficent Black Gown Deluxe

Sometimes you just don’t feel like being the sweet and pretty fairy tale princess. Sometimes you just want to take control of the forces around you and make a statement.

You’ll do just that with the Teen Maleficent Black Gown Deluxe costume. Maleficent, the powerful villain who controls the forces of evil, comes to life once again when you don the Teen Maleficent Black Gown Deluxe and attempt to take control of your kingdom.

Teens (and adults) who choose the costume for this year’s Halloween parties will be an instant hit in the dress, brooch, and headband that includes the horns.

The staff and boots aren’t included in this package but can be purchased separately online to complete the look.

Costume parties and Halloween gatherings are the perfect time for you to step out of your safe zone and see how it feels to take on the role of a favorite movie character for an evening of fun.

The Teen Maleficent Black Gown Deluxe costume will help you experience the drama of being one of the evilest and scheming characters in the history of books and movies. You’ll have a ball interacting with the other characters that might show up – but you’ll always be in control – just like Maleficent.

Halloween Costumes for 2017

In Summary

There you have it, the 10 best Halloween costumes for 2017.  Be sure to order early so that you have time to try on your costume.  And don’t forget to order any accessories you may need to take your appearance up a notch.

I hope you find this review helpful.  Comment below and let me know which costume you are choosing this year.  Are you as much of a Halloween fanatic as I am?

Halloween Costumes for 2017



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