You’re a mom blogger  Congratulations!  Now you get to add a full-time WAHM gig to your already demanding job as mommy.

But it can be done and done with grace.  And you can be successful at it too!

It’s taken me a couple of years to get my rhythm and routine and mindset right for being a mom blogger, but I’ve finally got it figured out.

There are 5 important habits of successful mom bloggers you need to adopt if you want to be a boss at running your home and your blog.


If you are a SAHM with small children at home, you cannot expect to get done what a single person with no littles at home will complete.  It’s just not doable.

I am currently in a season of life in which my health is poor.  (I have a chronic illness.)  So, I’m not quite accomplishing what I can when my health is better.  I’m currently trying to take care of the family as best I can.  Priority number one, my friend.  As it should be.

Instead of posting weekly, like the good blogger I’ve been… I’m lucky to get one post out biweekly.  Not ideal, but it is what it is.

DO NOT compare your stage with someone else’s.  That is a quick road to defeat and depression about your blog.  You want to acknowledge the season of life that you are in, embrace it, and celebrate your achievements.

Our seasons are ever changing.  It’s important to recognize the one you’re in and accept its advantages and limitations.  Work within the circumstances you are given at the moment.

Habits of Successful Mom Bloggers


Life is a roller coaster even without small people running your life.  So when they do, you must roll with the punches and work with whatever is thrown your way.

For example:  You have a post scheduled to complete, a newsletter to write, and a product to promote.  But little Jimmy has a fever and needs to be taken to the doctor.

Roll with it.

What else is there to do?  This is why you are a WAHM in the first place.  To have the flexibility to care for your family when they need it and be there in your number one role as often as possible, right?

So forget about your self-imposed deadlines.

Be present for little Jimmy and rock the role of mommy for the day.

These detours and unexpected turns will continue to happen, but handle them with grace and efficacy.  Your blog is not going anywhere.  The world will continue to turn if your post is a day late or your newsletter delayed.  I promise 😉


I always say that I work in the margins.  I’m a stay-at-home mom of two, live with chronic illness, and run two businesses.  The margins are the only time I have.  5 minutes here, 5 minutes there.

So that’s what I do.

I get up between 4 and 5 a.m. every morning and work until the kids wake up around 6:00 a.m.  This is the longest uninterrupted work time I get.  The rest is catching a few minutes when they are with their father or occupied with a project.

Utilize those times in between.  Be productive in the margins and you will get so much more done!  Instead of waiting for a pot to boil, sit and catch up on messages while you wait.  Instead of drinking your coffee in bed, drink it while you knock out a post (like I’m doing right now!)  Or brainstorm your next offer while your kids are occupied with a show or a game.

Stolen moments are my savior in this season of life.  Somehow, the margins of time in which I work add up and everything gets done.

Practice utilizing the margins of time in your day to be more productive.


This tip is super important.  If you are going to rock your mom blogger empire, you must invest in yourself.

We are moms.  We sacrifice.  And we do without.  But your business needs nurturing just like your family does.  So invest in it when you can.

You will find that by investing in education and services, you will get from point A to point B so much faster.  It’s always easier to follow a roadmap than navigating uncharted territories on your own.

This being said, my most recent favorite ways to invest in myself and my blog have been Find Your Tribe Online and Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers.

I’m very frugal, so cost is a consideration even when investing for my business.


Find Your Tribe Online is the best bang for your buck if you want to take your blog to the next level.  Find Your Tribe Online is a done for you marketing plan and guide to make your blog a success.  When I say it’s done for you, I mean that there is no fluff about it.  It details exactly what you need to do to find your people online, the people that you are writing for, the people you want your words to reach.

In addition to the marketing plan, you get a spreadsheet of 470 blogs, Pinterest group boards, and Facebook groups in your very niche.  The spreadsheet alone is worth the cost of the course.

And by the way, this course literally tripled my traffic overnight!  So it’s super effective and efficient way to boost your blog and I highly recommend it.  Check out FYTO here.

Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers is my newest fave.  This ebook contains everything you’d ever want to know about how to rock your affiliate marketing campaigns.  Everything from how to get started with affiliate programs to how to promote them with your blog and social media.  I have found this book to be invaluable and have already made my first income with new affiliate streams since implementing the lessons taught in the book.  I also highly recommend this to all bloggers. Check out AMFB here.

Habits of Successful Mom Bloggers


Blogging can be a very solitary endeavor.  But if you go at it from the standpoint of camaraderie and friendship, you and your blog will be better off.

You are not an island.  Ever.  So don’t try to be one with your blog.

One of the most satisfying and rewarding aspects of blogging for me has been the relationships I’ve built with other bloggers.  Not only is it more fun to go at it together, but they can lend a helping hand if you need it.  They can be a sounding board or support at just the right times.  You can also do the same for them and the result is a beautiful blogging friendship.

In the past couple of years, I’ve been fortunate to develop some real relationships with bloggers I’ve met from all over the globe.  As a result, I’ve been featured in some popular posts, I’ve gotten valuable testimonials, I’ve been supported when I’ve needed it.  I’ve also been blessed to give back.

Take the time to get to know others in your field.  It will make the journey more enjoyable and rewarding.

There you have it, my friend.  These are the 5 most important habits you should develop if you want to succeed in this awesome business of blogging.  Identify your season, roll with the punches, work in the margins, invest in yourself, and develop relationships.

I’m so happy to share this journey with you.  And I hope that you implement some of these habits to help you on your way to success.

Habits of Successful Mom Bloggers

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