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Staying motivated as a WAHM can be hard. We are constantly pulled in a hundred different directions. There are so many chores and tasks to do every day, plus kids asking for something every three seconds.

Last year I started using the Living Well Planner and noticed a page for gratitudes was included each month. I’ve heard about gratitude journals but never really paid attention to them. Was I seriously supposed to find time to write what I was thankful for at the end of a long day with three kids? I just wanted to fall into bed and go to sleep!

But I figured since the page was there and I didn’t want to waste it, I would give it a try. I’m a pretty positive person normally so I didn’t expect much.

Well, I’ll admit it… I was wrong!

Keeping track of things that were going well in my business was a bit of a game changer for me. It kept me focused on how far I had come. Especially in the aspects I struggle with, like email marketing and blog traffic. To see in black and white that I was growing, however slowly, made me feel like my hard work was paying off.

Darci has a great post about increasing your productivity as a SAHM (How to be a Rock Star Mom– 5 Productivity Tips) but I would like to add one more to that list. Write down a daily win. This is a great motivator when you are feeling down and uninspired.

Grab a journal

Find a place to write down those small wins. It doesn’t have to be fancy. A blank journal, a page in your planner, even a note taking app. I love that my planner has a page but anything that can be kept close by will work.

I have used a bullet journal in the past, which is perfect for this task. There are tons of different daily tracker spreads or gratitude page spreads that you can adapt.

Find a Time

Set an intention to write at the same time every day. Leave your book next to your bed and write in it before you go to sleep or first thing in the morning.

Stick your book in your bag and take a moment to write down a win when you are waiting for kids at after school activities.

If you are using a note taking app on your phone put it right on your homepage and take the time to add to it before you check Facebook or Instagram.

Don’t think you will have something to write every day? Plan to write once a week on the same day. Just make sure to get into a habit so you don’t forget!

Track Everything!

All those little successes, small wins or big progress, write them all down.

Things that you wish you could shout to the world but know that no one would understand? Write it down.

That little thing you know other people might not think is worth mentioning? Write it down.

Make sure you date everything so you can see your progress over time. Sometimes it will seem like forever, sometimes like no time at all but it is nice to be able to look back.

Need some ideas on what to track?

  • When you hit a round number on your email list.
  • When a guest post is published.
  • When you get a record number of daily views.
  • Every hundred Facebook or Twitter followers.
  • When you are accepted to a big group board on Pinterest.
  • When you finish a class or workbook.
  • When you get an affiliate payment.
  • When you sell your first, 10th or 100th product.
  • A really nice comment on your blog.
  • When a blogger you respect notices you or shares your blog post.


One of the most important aspects of this process is to go back and review your progress. Reviewing your success will inspire you to set bigger and better goals.

When I see what I have actually accomplished, I buckle down and work even harder. It is easier to motivate myself to continue with hard projects when I can see that I have succeeded in the past.

Make it a habit to see what you have written down at the end of every month. Take some time to celebrate these things and use them to set some goals for the next month.

Restore Your Motivation

Set Goals

Need a little extra motivation? Use these wins and successes to set some goals for yourself. Hitting a goal is one of the best feelings out there!

The nice thing about having these wins written down is it will help you to see what is really feasible in your life right now. It can be hard to know what is an attainable goal and what is setting yourself up for failure when you haven’t set goals before.

Everyone is at a different place in their life and their blog or business. If you have an infant you won’t be able to reach the same goals as someone whose kids are in school every day. Be reasonable with your goals depending on your life stage. It’s not a race!

Try to set a motivating goal that will be a bit of a stretch but is very reachable if you apply yourself. Write it down in your book and refer back to it often. It is amazing what writing a goal down can do for your focus.

Stay Positive

The last thing to remember is to always focus on the positive for this task. Our brains have an easier time focusing on negative associations but if you only write down the positive you can retrain your brain.

I forget the small positives that happen and going back to read about them really helps my outlook. And a positive outlook makes staying motivated so much easier!

Try this process for three months to see if it helps you to stay motivated in your work. If you need to make adjustments or change how often you take the time to write then do it and set some new intentions. Figure out a way to make gratitudes work for you and your business!

Restore Your Motivation


Restore Your Motivation

Emma Bates is a Blogger and Virtual Assistant for creative entrepreneurs. She loves to write about starting a small business and is passionate about helping other mother’s find a way to work from home.

Emma lives in New Hampshire with her husband of thirteen years, their three children and her parents and a Beta fish named Pamato Dragon. You can find her at Kids, Cash, and Chaos.

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